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Continuing Professional Development

Simultaneity and Dynamic Equivalence (2023)

Workshop, Stephen Elis-Menton, BSL Interpretations


Improving Voice Over using the Communication
Accommodation Theory (CAT) (2023)

Workshop, Stephen Elis-Menton, BSL Interpretations

Healthcare Interpreting: The Unique Challenges of Healthcare Interpreting - Language, Ethics & Role (2023)

VLP Webinar, Paul Belmonte

From what is wrong to what is strong; a different approach to thinking about professional development (2023)

Webinar: Darren Handscombe

Professional Supervision- Dipping Your Toe In The Water

VLP Webinar, Dr Jules Dickenson

Autism & Learning Disability in Deaf Adults with Dr Kevin Baker (2023)

Linguistpd Webinar

Telling the Story: Developing Advanced Skills in English Interpreting (2023)

LinguistPD, Clare Seal, Webinar

Media Interpreting with Dr Chris Stone (2023)

Webinar, VLP.

Performance Interpreting (A Foot in both Worlds) (2023)

Webinar LinguistPD: Sarah Gatford

Interpreting for Sexual Violence: Training Part 2 (2023)

VLP Workshop (remote) with Clare Chilton.

Interpreting for Sexual Violence: Training Part 1 (2023)

VLP Workshop (remote) with Clare Chilton.

Voiceover Part 1: Speaking and Listening (2022)

VLP Workshop, Dionne Thomas


International Sign Part 1 (2021)

Two day workshop, Gavin Lilley 

Visual Sign (2021)

Workshop, ASLI. Gavin Lilley 

Transgender Awareness (2021)

Workshop, Samantha Pearsall 

Voiceover, What Can We Learn from International Sign (2021)

Webinar (LinguistPD), Brett Best 

It's All About Race (2021)

Webinar, NUBLSI Equalities Action Group 

Autism in Deaf Children and Young People (2021)

COMIC, Conference

VLP Conference: Adapting Professions in an Accelerating World (2021)

Conference 2021, Visual Language Professionals

Just Signs Community Info Project Domestic Violence (2021)

Webinar, Heriott Watt University

Modern Day Slavery & Trafficking (2020)

Workshop, Jacki Pritchard 

Rapport Management for Interpreters (2020)

Webinar, Rachel Mapson, Yvonne Wadell, QMU

Visual Flair Part 1 BSL: Thinking Visually (2019)

Workshop, Clive Mason 

Visual Flair Part 2 Constructed Action and Construction Dialogue (2019)

Workshop, Clive Mason 

​Criminal Court Vocabulary (2019)
Workshop, Gloria Ogborn 

Family Court and Child Protection Vocabulary (2019)

Workshop, Gloria Ogborn 

Two Day Induction into Court Interpreting (2019)

Weekend Training, (Birmingham), Gloria Ogborn 

Interpreting Advanced Police Interviews (2019) 

Workshop, Zakon (Birmingham)

Police Interpreter Training (2018)

Workshop, Zakon, (Birmingham)

Introduction to Legal Interpreting (2018)

Workshop, Mike Unsworth

Health & Social Services (2018)

Webinar, (Terptree), Jackie Griffiths

Mental Health (2018)

Webinar, (Terptree), Esther Thomas

An Introduction of Interpreting within CAHMS (2017)

Workshop, Signs in Vision, Vicci Ackroyd and Tim Richardson 

An Introduction to Interpreter's Role Space (2017)

Webinar, (Terptree), Robert Lee and Peter Llewellyn-Jones 

Voiceover Practice Techniques, Working into English (2016)

Workshop, David Wolfenden

Mental Health interpreting for Adolescents and Children (2016)

Webinar, Rob Chalk & Iain CaseLinguistpd 

Is Interpreting your Achilles Heel? Medical Workshop (2016)
Workshop, Terptree, Jackie Griffiths & Kirsten McCarthy

Webinars (Box set) Mental health, Theatre and Arts, Online interpreting, TV, Leisure, Professional Services, Religious (2015)

Interpreting the Police Caution (2016)
DVD (2016)

Taster for Theatre Interpreting (2014)

Workshop, City Lit, Donna Ruane

Introduction to Mental Health (2014)

Workshop, Signs in Vision, Pauline Latchem

Moving Away from English in your BSL Production (2013)

Workshop, Kathy Yeoman, London

Ethical Dilemmas (2012)

Workshop, Signs In Vision

Watch Your Language Conference (2012)

For Interpreters, CSWs and Deaf professionals, City Lit


Watch Your Language Conference (2011)

For Interpreters, CSWs and Deaf professionals, City Lit 

Interpreter qualifications

MSc Advancing Practice in Signed Languages (studying part time from 2021)


Diploma in BSL/English Interpreting,
NVQ Level 6 (Signs in Vision, 2012)

BA (Hons) Deaf Studies, Communication Support & Education (First Class, Middlesex, City Lit 2011)

Certificate in British Sign Language, NVQ Level 6
(City Lit, 2011)

British Sign Language Stage 1, 2 & 3 (1990-2000s)

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